Friday, 19 December 2008

farewell to my old phone.

The handphone on the left was with me since September 2005 and it had just 'died' Last month. As a result of this bad luck, I bought a secondhand phone from the for GBP 26.00. Although it is in pink and not as nice, I have no choice but to accept it as this is the cheapest i can get from the bidding in This phone is samsung J600 and locked to O2:( .. hate it when it is locked to network provider. If I were to unlock this phone, it might cost me roughly about GBP20.. Better buy a new one.. depressing :( Anyhow, I am glad I have a phone to use as i experience so much inconvenience staying without a phone:) Hope this phone will last for qutie some time before I decide to buy a new mobile phone:)

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Happy Deserved Holiday

It was the last Fluid Mechanic lecture for the first term and a very interesting last slide from the lecturer, Dr A. M. Kempf.

Railway Project in Portmadog

Eversince I was a child, my main or only hobbies was to play sports. Nothing else but sports, starting from football to volleyball to basketball to badminton. It was such a waste that I did not join other activities other than sports. As students I should try to get involve with various type of activities. During the interview with Kelly Service for a job, I was regarded as a extremely active in sports by the interviewer and it didn't sounded as good. Having to come to the UK, I found volunteering quite interesting and it could be an extra point in the job interview in the future (I hope).

In less than two months studying in the UK, I had volunteer for a railway project in Portmadog, Wales. Portmadog is located in the north of Wales. The railway that we, the volunteers were working on called the FFestiniog Railway. The main task for the volunteers at that time were changing the "fish plate" (plates connecting the 2 track line together) of the rail track. It was unfortunate that we did not have the oppurtunity to do the track laying as it was the main task we were looking forward to. Giving my service to the community, I managed to experience the beauty of Wales and experience the quite environment compared to London. It is an ideal place for retirement. That was what I suggested to myself:D

Working under cold condition, though the weather on that day wasn't as bad

Time to leave the project to the other volunteers to continue with it. Hope there will be few more trips here. Really miss it.

Some beautiful scenery from the Portmadog

First time sleeping on the rail track. It was pretty comfortable sleeping on it.

Thanks to Imperial Volunteering Centre, I manage to get into this project. I am now looking forward to join the volunteering project in Liverpool where the main task is to build houses.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Just done with my test in Material and Manufacturing subject this morning. The test made me into a state of dilemma even though it was just a multiple choice questions where I must know the exact answer otherwise mark will be deducted for every wrong answer I place. For example there are a few correct answer in the same question but if i put the wrong answer then I will be deducted 1 mark for every wrong answer. So if there is 10 correct and 10 wrong answer, what do you think? I get '0' for the test. Terrible!!! I hope I get all right answer:(

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Last week before Christmas Holiday

Time passed so quickly. I felt as if it was just a blink and I'd already been in the UK for nearly 2 month and a half. But when it comes to exam, time just flow slowly, enough to kill my nerve. 1 week, 7 days right before my holiday.. I am just cant wait. I really need some quality rest after all the hectic life in here.. Praying I can make it through this very demotivated week:)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

A walk in London

Walking in London is not a good thing to do.. Want to know why? London is a busy city packed with vehicle and people. At any moment when I walk in London, I will try not bump into anyone cause that is going to cost you to say "sorry". Despite the busy predestrian lane, the road is always meet cars tyres and the atmosphere is infected by air pollutant, which eventually went through human nose-lung-blood-brain-cell. The result of this is, definately bad:(

Enough with the bad things about London, Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone start shopping for winter including me. Of course, I don't go for shopping by just buying my desired items and go back to my hall. Walking around the shopping area gives me a good impression of how my first Christmas in London, UK would be:D -> it is happening compared to my tanah air:P These are what is going on in one of the street in London - Regent street.

Regent street

It is beautiful when it comes to Christmas:D

Mr Ice

Of course I want to be in the picture:D

Big Barbie doll:D

This is one of the random interesting video that I took outside a shop:D

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Malaysia Nottingham games

Choosing to go to Malaysia Nottingham Games is the right thing to do in my dilemma whether to go Bruges, a place with nice scenery or to go University of Nottingham for the sake of old friends. Surprisingly, I feel so happy when I meet my fellow old friends there in Nottingham. And of course the special one from Cambridge, my lovely sawo:D Frankly speaking, Malaysia Nottingham Games is an ideal place for UK students gathering which give us the fellow students a chance to melepas rindu to all the once-upon-a-time -close-friend.. And it is a place for healthy competition and a point of Malaysia friends making :D The great time I had is shown in my picture:D

This is my volleyball team, which only practice for 3 times since the court rental is so damn expensive:P I love this team, improvement shown from match to match:D Bravo!!!

Healthy competition. Mummy versus Daughter:D and at last the daughter lost to mummy.. Looks like Daughter need to practice more than mummy:D Maybe papa here can help:P

Raja, sawo and I together under a tree just because the leaves is turning into yellow. I am really happy to see her coming to Nottingham although she is busy:D

This is when the sad part comes:( when someone is leaving.... I need to learn how to be grateful enough and not to complain:D

This is really what people always do when it comes to the end of any activities, they just want to leave some memories to their friends by taking a 'decent' picture.

That is all about Nottingham:D i hope that time does not passes so fast when I am there but I am just a human being whom studying in London and only have the power to think but not change things as desired.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

London Eye

Last week, I went to London Eye for my 'drawing and design class'. However it turn out to be a vacation to me and to all of my course mates.. I took some of the important picture with will aid me in my sketches and enjoy the ride on London Eye. Here are some of the picture that I would like to share with you people on this cyberspace about my trip on this giant wheel.

This is the London Eye... It looked the same as Malaysia Eye :D

Me and the London Eye behind me. That black coloured book is my Mechanical Engineering Drawing and Design sketch book.

These people are queueing for the ride of London Eye.. Tremendous number of human being packed in this area just for the sake of that giant wheel. The queue is surprisingly long and I waited for 30 minutes before my turn..

So this is the ticket for the London Eye ride.. £13.95 x 6 = RM83.70. (wow)

Me and Faiz posing in this fully packed with 'Manusia' capsule:D I am not amazed by the scenery to be frank. What i am fond with is the ride of the wheel and how the wheel move and also the engineering support provided to this very stable London Eye.

The Palace of Westminster and you can see popular "Big Ben" (a giant clock at the right). This picture is taken from the London Eye capsult.

Me again right before I head back to my college.

Friday, 17 October 2008

First misfortune in Imperial College

Having the chance to study in this pretigeous Imperial College London really satisfied me although I barely made it here. Happy, happy and happy, I forgot the high expectation in my academic skills. The first test I took in this college and failed is the Applied Maths test which really give me a hard time after that. I need to spend 4 hours of lectures and tutorial on this subject for about a month before the next test which I hope that i will pass it with flying colours (still dreaming:P)

Failing a test in the beginning of the Mechanical Engineering course really give me a bad indication of my future tests. I was wondering if I even qualify to be here as there are plenty challenges coming without break. Hope there will be no next time of the word "fail" in my academic record throughout the entire course. Gambateh!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

If Only

Ladies and gentlemen, did you ever think that human are sometime too demanding? Human expect everything to be in perfect condition. And if there is any false or defect, human will start with their complaints. From my point of view, as a human I found myself complaining at every minute and every seconds. If only everything in this world is perfect to me, I won't complain.

Queuing for entry to bike parking in KLCC this morning

This picture shows my impatience towards waiting for my turn when I am rushing. Why must this happen to me? That is what I complained to myself. As a result of this luckless moment, I become the 58th person to send the UK visa application form. Other applicants came at 7a.m. but I woke up at 7a.m. Who to blame? ME!!

Another quetch of myself is when I passed by ZARA in KLCC, I am quite envy that I don't have the size to wear those beautiful and comfortable apparel. I always ask myself, can't I just appreciate what I am having now then complaining for what I am lacking of. Below is the picture I took when I passes by ZARA.

I wish

If only I am at this model's size and height, I will be able to wear this kind of clothing:( This complaint won't change the fact that the way I am now. Like it or not, human must try to accept their own strengths and weaknesses. Wish is just hope, hope has no guarantee.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

You raise me up

You raise me up!! It is a song sang by Josh Groban. What a wonderful song. This song was presented by MARA College Banting Choir team in my graduation day recently in Putra Jaya International Convention Centre (PICC). It is a simple song but has a very deep meaning in my heart. The instants I listened to it, I was hoping for the impossible to occur. That demanding hope is just to have a desperate glance at the one who brought me into this world; to let her see my success; to let her be proud of her product. It was nothing more than just hopes and dreams, reality will never show no matter how despairing I am. Life goes on, with no turning back. Perhaps by creating a time-machine can really change the history. To the one I miss the most, shall you be in peace. I love you.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Life after IB

First day after the IB examination was very fun as I feel so free. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? You will never know until you experience it. I feel extremely free and the only thing that I can think of is what should I do to waste my time... I believe that most of the students in the same exam hall as I already planning for their holiday few months before the exam started.. The same thing goes to me. I am like a chicken being release from a cage, running with no direction. What do you think I can do in these mean time? Anyone that has any suggestion could just leave a comment in hee :)

Saturday, 10 May 2008

IB Examination 2008

It was the moment I prepare for 2 years. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Examination. I just couldn't believe time passed this quickly. After all the hectic life in the MARA College Banting, it finally at the last bit of it. I till remember the first paper was Business and Management, a subject that require a lot of reading and common sense (which was a trouble to me as I don't favour reading). This B&M required concise answer, otherwise you will ended up with a tiring hand writing aimlessly trying to explain a simple concept in it. Key words are very important to keep the examiner's understanding of what you are trying to convey in it.

The second subject was Mathematics. Thanks to the Intensive Revision Program (IRP) in my college, I had numerous exercises. It wasn't a normal individual exercise but it was implemented in a group basis in order to help the weak. For that particular month, I had no free time in the day time due to IRP, it helps the smart to realise the mistake and the weak to improve.

Follow up by Chemistry and Physics which requires good memory and also logical thinking. A lot of effort needed for these subjects because understanding took a lot of time. So, say NO to last minutes study for science subjects. Physics and Chemistry papers for 2008 IB were at its moderate level compared to all the past years IB papers I had done during IRP. One last bit of advice for science subject is get familiarised with the past years papers as most of the structures were similar.

English was fun. I enjoyed this paper and it was the most relax paper I've took for IB examination 2008. The only thing I read right before entering the examination hall was the writing format for formal and informal writing. Of course grammar could be brushed up during day to day conversations.

Last paper I had was the one that required most reading; Malay A1. Thanks to my Pn Roslindawati (my Malay A1 teacher) I really appreciate the knowledge and advices she passed down to all of us in the class. It was the most tiring paper of all because I wrote almost 6 to 8 pages for paper 1 and paper 2 on the same day. It was the happiest moment right after the invigilator inform the students,"Alright, time is up. Please stop writing." I was about to jump on the table realising the fact that my 2 years International Baccalaureate was at its end.

Reflecting myself, IB examination wasn't that tough and this program really train me well for the university life. Do appreciate the existance of teachers, people around and most importantly friends.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Class Photographic Session

I am so glad that everyone in my class for the first time being united after a year and 9 months studying under the same roof, same class and with the same teachers. I think that this time the photographic session really mean so much to us as this might be the last session for us to gather like this.. Looking at the pictures, our beloved mentor, Pn Rosmaria played a great role in breaking the ice that present in this class.

IB and E06B

I can feel that everyone is really happy gathering together like this as shown in the picture above. I guess this is what we called unite.

Looking at the picture below, my class looked like a very abnormal class. even my mentor herself is very playful. I could imagine that she is feeling young by doing that.. ha ha.

The wild... 

From this picture, what really surprised me is the teacher. I think that she is just too happy to see us (the children) and behave younger than most of us..Ha ha.. This is quite funny right.. teacher is younger than students.. Plus all the funny classmates with some of them are serious, some are childish, some are really friendly.. I love this class

Saturday, 8 March 2008


It is just about 2 months away from my first paper. It really makes me feel nervous about the coming exam. Well my point is how are the students in MARA College Banting coping with the stress of exam? The picture below shows the quite and calm environment of the my library (well we called the LRC which stands for Learning Resource Centre) at 8.30pm local time.


Picture below was taken just an hour after I arrived, it was filled with students making group discussions and revisions.
You can actually see the intense atmosphere around the library with people discussing around. Amazing, isn't it? Well it is going to be our last war in the Pre-U level, gotta give it all. From now on, I need to stop on games, movies, korean dramas but revision. GO GO GO...

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Good Experience

This was my first time to take part in any open sport competition. The Badminton Tournament Open was held in Sunway University College on the February 29th, 2008. Such event allows each participant to gauge their level amongst all that present on that day. This event was eye opening for me to place myself between the  teenage badminton players around Klang Valley. It was quite obvious that I am not good at all compared to most of them whom had coaching for quite some time. Last year when I organise one of the badminton tournament among students in my college, I managed to be the champion but that was really nothing compared this. Well, it was superb experience to have the opportunity to play against top players in this tournament.

One of the players in the Sunway Badminton Open

This tournament's main sponsor was FINNEX. The sponsorship included all the equipments such as shuttlecocks, repair services and also the prize for winners. Champion of this tournament will go home with  RM3300.00 cheque from FINNEX. I am way too far from that price. This experience let me to encourage more students from my college to at least participate in one of these competitions in the future for just experience. It will really give you some clue on where to start your improvement.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Behind the Scene: Chinese New Year Festival 2008

Behind every success or failure, there will be some reason for that. That's why things happens for a reason. The Oriental Night wasn't just a miracle but it was the success from the sum of students efforts in it. I felt really privileged to have the opportunity to be part of this wonderful experience.

In order to attract students attentions for the performance on the Oriental Night, the committees decided on using Ang Pow with invitation in it to be distributed to all the students in the class including the teachers and administrative staff.
Packing the Ang Pow with Lucky Draws
The committees that were responsible for the making of Ang Pow were Grace, Huey Ee and me. Well, there was no way that I would be able to finish the job with out the help from others. Picture above showed the assistance giving by other committees member. It was enjoyable working along with friends in organising this event.
Material for the stage background
There were other works distributed to others such as the Prop making, setting up the stage and making the costumes for the characters in the drama and many more.

Another task for me was to find create the year zodiac logo on the stage background which was a mouse using strings. I found it in the internet and of course with some modification to the design, below was my master piece :P
It was frustrating trying to finish this logo in time but it was rewarded with the audience satisfaction :)

Monday, 25 February 2008

The Oriental Night 2008

The Chinese New Year Festival was followed by the cultural night called the ORIENTAL NIGHT which was held in the college Great Hall. The traditional performances from the students were impressive. There are Chinese Cultural dances, Chinese Musics, and also a short drama on Chinese New Year. The drama was about the God of Prosperity (Chai Sen) telling story to the God of Bad Luck (Soi Sen) about Nian (Monster) and the Chinese Zodiac.

The Chinese traditional song Performer

The Chinese Traditional music performance was by two female students in this college, Lorinda and Sharon. It was impressive and eye opening to the audience (mainly students and teachers) on that night.  The entertainment was followed up with the Chinese traditional dances by 4 female Chinese students.

The Chinese Dances team
Then, the solo dance by the first year student as shown below.

Solo Chinese traditional dances

Not to be missed the performance that I took part which was the short drama. Well as you can see from the picture below, I was acting as one of the Chinese zodiac.

Story continues with the revelation of Nian, the Monster bullying the villagers on new year. One of the way to defeat Nian was by using the fire crackers to scare him away. It works :P and that was why on Chinese New Year, the Chinese will play fire cracker.

The "Nian" is bullying one of the villagers

All the Chinese Zodiac Animals

These were the cute and adorable Chinese Zodiacs that performed on the Oriental Night.The Chinese New Year could not have been so successful without the help and support of all the committees, actors, dancers, and also external assistance from the college and MCA. Thanks to all.

Sunday, 24 February 2008


For the first time ever, Chinese Lion Dance was performed in MARA College Banting, Malaysia on the January 18, 2008 in conjunction with the Chinese New Year Celebration. This event was split into two days. The first day included the Lion Dance Performance and the 'Yee Sang' event. A Chinese cultural performance , The Oriental Night 2008 was held in the college student hall on the second day. This event was initiated by one of my Medic friend in order to introduce Chinese culture to the students in this college. It was a successful event thanks to the many students whom took part in it. The tentative of the day started with the Lion Dance (sponsored by MCA) followed by the 'Yee Sang' which was prepared by the event committees for the teachers to experience the atmosphere of the first day of Chinese New Year.

The Lion Dance held in Concourse

This was the first time lion dance being held and performed in the college and the student participation in watching was extremely positive.

The Lion Dance team and all the committee

Half way in the making of Yee Sang

Preparing the Yee Sang

Lau Yee Sang with all the teachers in MCB

Many thanks to all that took part in this memorable event and a special thanks to MCA for their sponsorship.