Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Design Chair

First year undergraduate of Mechanical Engineering in Imperial College London were required to build a chair using only cardboard. Pretty interesting huh! We were given 2 hours and 15 minutes to build it. The testing of the chair begun at 1115 hour at the department foyer. Some of the designs were really cool but when the fat ass sat on it, it failed:D

These were some pretty creative designs by the students here, just the appearance but not the function.

Simple and sexy

Stylish but yet to get the GBP100 prize

The 95th percentile human on your left and the 5th percentile human on your right.

These was how the testing process carried out..

The king sat on it

95th percentile human testing a cardboard chair

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Imperial Malaysia Society AGM - Election

Holding a post in MSoc does not interest me at all since I am not a capable person for these kind of leadership job. However, choosing the right person for the right post in this organisation is my responsibility because these people will lead the future of the organisation. ICUMS (Imperial College Union Malaysia Society .. Not "I cums") AGM was held on the 18th March 2009. It started at 1.30pm but you know LA, our Malaysian timing meh ... so we started at 2pm. The first post was the President of 2009. This post initially only hold one candidate but he lost to RON (Not a person but stands for Re-Open Nomination) It took about 3 hours before the President of ICUMS 2009/2010 was nominated. It was fun observing how these people concern about the the future of the organisation. BIG CLAP for them :D The AGM was finally ends at 7 pm++ but I left at 6pm since I have MATLAB test the next day. I am just hoping that the new committee will do their best in maintaining the standard of this organisation.. GAMBATEH!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The ReUnite of the 3 Tai Lou!!

It had been a while since I update this blog! Ha ha. Guess what, I was too busy right after Imperial College Malaysia Night (M-Night) 2009, struggling to finish my pending and procrastinated course works. Terrible!! Last two weeks I have a few guest staying over at my place, Garden Hall - Kah Wee and Jorge both came to visit UK all the way from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. It had been a great pleasure for me to have such guest.. I felt sorry for them due to my packed schedule on the week right before M-Night which did not allow me to bring them around. Another unexpected moment was the ReUnite of the 3 Tai Lou after 25 years friendship!!

The ReUnite of the 3 Tai Lou

From the left, Li Hui, Jorge, Shiun Lei, Kah Wee and Me

Looks like Shiun Lei and I have to start booking flights to Michigan, Ann Arbor to meet Kah Wee next year!!