Friday, 25 September 2009

Tiring day!!

Woke up around 7 and went to meet my old friend, Shiun Lei whom just arrived at Heathrow from Malaysia. I took a train from WhteChapel to Piccadilly Circus via underground. Waited in front of the exit gate ( where you touch your Oyster Card) for quite almost 30 minutes... It happens that he was waiting for me on the ground and I was just right under him...

I became his KULI - carrying his 24kg luggage around London - went to have breakfast at McD near China Town - non of the shop in China Town opened before 9. I had a breakfast meal before accompanying him to Euston National Rail station.. First Job's DONE!!!

So I head back to QueenMary. Once I arrived at the entrance, guess what I met Linda and the rest carrying their Summer storage from the very nearby Safe Storage Company. Huh... What an exercise to do... And here I am - muscles pain and exhausted!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


My recent flight back to London is my best airline experience since 1997. Title of this post is the reason why. I never been on a business class seat until this flgiht to DUbai. Many people ask me how did I ended up in Business class while paying for Economy class. To be frank I have no idea at all but I can share on what happened during the departure day.

I checked in my luggage with 32kg in total not knowing I've been promoted until I am at the boarding gate. I hand my boarding pass to the officer and when he scanned the pass, the machine suddenly beeping loudly accompanied by red light - indicating Boarding pass error (which is supposed to be green if otherwise). I was really worried at that time - they got my adrenaline pumped up.. The officer then direct me to a counter to solve the problem. Bla bla bla. One of the officer took my boarding pass and give me a different pass with " Congratulation, you've been promoted into a Business class seat. Enjoy your flight!" That's what happened..

The flight to Dubai was at my most comfort with a big LCD screen in front of me and digitally adjustable massage chair. I can change the position of the chair all I want. Food served in Business class is much better than the economic and also I was allowed to try some wine in the menu list. The best part is when my sleeping comfort. Back pain no more when you are in Business class.

From Dubai to London Heathrow, I was in economy class :( it was a 7 hours flight and I felt extremely torturous with limited space to move my body unlike the business class. Ha ha. Anyhow I am glad I reach Heathrow airport safely. It was a wonderful journey.


It had been a month plus since I updated this site. Had been enjoying oily and unhealthy diet back in Malaysia - Chicken rice and Char Kuey Teow and Fukien Mee.. My favourite cheap foods :D for the whole month of July I've been to Pahang with Shiang Jin and Eilyn to visit Ah Seng. It was a great 3 days stay over at Ah Seng's house. All of us were fed well with a lot of Durians :D I miss durian now :P Visited a couple of places around Kuantan before heading back to KL. Without Ah Seng being the unpaid tour guide in Kuantan, it wouldn't be as enjoyable. So have someone to bring you around is much more better than going alone at place like Kuantan :D

On a spontaneous plan with Eilyn and Seng, the three of us went for a sudden trip to the Water World in A' farmosa in Malacca. I remember the last time was here back in 2001, this place is very very popular and fun but now it's like an abandon water park with an expensive entrance fees of RM 40 per-person :( Most of the facilities in there are not well maintained which contributes to my resentment over it. After a Long day in the water park, We went for a night tour around Malacca - THE JONKER STREET. It is a famous street decorated with variety of stalls from magic merchandise to delicious food. The most interesting part of this street is the Chinese line dancing SOCIETIES - There are loads of them dancing cha cha in group and tourists will be watching and snapping photos excitingly. I was really tempted to join the dance:P The next day involved a lot of walking.. Went for Malacca river boat ride and also the Taming Sari revolving tower. It was a short but wondrous trip for Kuantan and Malacca. I wish I could spend more time exploring them.