Friday, 19 December 2008

farewell to my old phone.

The handphone on the left was with me since September 2005 and it had just 'died' Last month. As a result of this bad luck, I bought a secondhand phone from the for GBP 26.00. Although it is in pink and not as nice, I have no choice but to accept it as this is the cheapest i can get from the bidding in This phone is samsung J600 and locked to O2:( .. hate it when it is locked to network provider. If I were to unlock this phone, it might cost me roughly about GBP20.. Better buy a new one.. depressing :( Anyhow, I am glad I have a phone to use as i experience so much inconvenience staying without a phone:) Hope this phone will last for qutie some time before I decide to buy a new mobile phone:)

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Happy Deserved Holiday

It was the last Fluid Mechanic lecture for the first term and a very interesting last slide from the lecturer, Dr A. M. Kempf.

Railway Project in Portmadog

Eversince I was a child, my main or only hobbies was to play sports. Nothing else but sports, starting from football to volleyball to basketball to badminton. It was such a waste that I did not join other activities other than sports. As students I should try to get involve with various type of activities. During the interview with Kelly Service for a job, I was regarded as a extremely active in sports by the interviewer and it didn't sounded as good. Having to come to the UK, I found volunteering quite interesting and it could be an extra point in the job interview in the future (I hope).

In less than two months studying in the UK, I had volunteer for a railway project in Portmadog, Wales. Portmadog is located in the north of Wales. The railway that we, the volunteers were working on called the FFestiniog Railway. The main task for the volunteers at that time were changing the "fish plate" (plates connecting the 2 track line together) of the rail track. It was unfortunate that we did not have the oppurtunity to do the track laying as it was the main task we were looking forward to. Giving my service to the community, I managed to experience the beauty of Wales and experience the quite environment compared to London. It is an ideal place for retirement. That was what I suggested to myself:D

Working under cold condition, though the weather on that day wasn't as bad

Time to leave the project to the other volunteers to continue with it. Hope there will be few more trips here. Really miss it.

Some beautiful scenery from the Portmadog

First time sleeping on the rail track. It was pretty comfortable sleeping on it.

Thanks to Imperial Volunteering Centre, I manage to get into this project. I am now looking forward to join the volunteering project in Liverpool where the main task is to build houses.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Just done with my test in Material and Manufacturing subject this morning. The test made me into a state of dilemma even though it was just a multiple choice questions where I must know the exact answer otherwise mark will be deducted for every wrong answer I place. For example there are a few correct answer in the same question but if i put the wrong answer then I will be deducted 1 mark for every wrong answer. So if there is 10 correct and 10 wrong answer, what do you think? I get '0' for the test. Terrible!!! I hope I get all right answer:(

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Last week before Christmas Holiday

Time passed so quickly. I felt as if it was just a blink and I'd already been in the UK for nearly 2 month and a half. But when it comes to exam, time just flow slowly, enough to kill my nerve. 1 week, 7 days right before my holiday.. I am just cant wait. I really need some quality rest after all the hectic life in here.. Praying I can make it through this very demotivated week:)