Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Another Simple Dinner Meal Of The Day!

Here is another simple meal of the day. I just found out that cooking is time consuming but at the same time it relieves my exam stress a little :) TADAAA!!!

Simple meal But today I forgot to get myself some vege:( Will eat banana afterwards:) anyway am going to eat now. ITADAKIMAS!!!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Crab-Stick Half Pattaya Fried Rice!!

Hey guys, yesterday I manage to make myself a decent fried rice and I name it as the title of this post. Below were the ingredient used for this fried rice.

  • 1 bowl of overnight white steamed-rice
  • half an onion
  • a few pieces of garlics
  • 3 Sainsbury egg (basic)
  • 1 small cup of olive oil
  • 10 crab-sticks
  • and half a cucumber

TADDAAAAA!!! Here you go the fried rice I cooked :PFried Rice left view

Semi pattaya Fried Rice

Super nice fried rice

This shows how delicious my fried rice was. From the last picture you could imagine how superb is this fried rice:) It was fantastic :D and Thank to me – the chef. ha ha ha! Anyway I have to attend classes now will update with you guys later when I am free :P . *packing bags and rush off to lecture hall*

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Friday Night Cook Out

It was the last Friday of my Easter Holiday and classes will be resumed on Monday. Huh, what a stressful matter to think :( Stuart came over to London for the Singapore Day ( – where you can get a lot of Asian-taste food and also meet some of the most entertaining Singaporean artist (Phua Chu Kang maybe). I was tempted to go but I have better things to do :D

Anyway back to the cookout I with Wee Seng, Shiang Jin and Stuart. We cooked steamedwhite rice, unsuccessful chicken flavoured rice, omelette, Kai Lan (vege), Chicken SOup (using Chicken bone), and last but not least special Spicy Chicken invented by our head chef of the day, Wee Seng!!!! Clap Clap Clap!

While Wee Seng and I busy cooking, Stuart and Shiang Jin did some thing to the food. This was what they had done to it.

By Shiang Jin and Stuart Notorious bunch of kids. Anyway I was so glad to have this cookout and looking forward for another one in the near future. Perhaps after my finals :( I need to study already !!! Will spit my thought in this site when I am free or feel like spitting :)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Portobello Market and Imperial China Dim Sum

Collection from all over the world and centuries
Last week, one of my long lost senior Yin Ling and her friend, Hui Xing (I hope I didn’t misspell your name) stayed over at my place due to The Exhibition of BODY WORLDS & The Mirror of Time held in The O2, London (SE10 0B) – for more information, please visit

They stayed only for 3 days and 2 nights. Before we parted on Saturday, we went to one of the most popular market in London - Portobello Market in the morning. That market was surprisingly LONG and it seem to be endless.

MAKAN Restaurant
Entrance to Portobello MarketThis is how the Market looked like on that day. It is just the entrance in to the market and by observation you can predict how busy this street will be. It is approximately 2 miles and the market takes up the whole Portobello Road. According to internet source, this road was made famous by the film Notting Hill (1999). I found most of the interesting and attractive antiques such as old maps, ancient cameras used in the 40’s and also collections from all over the world. It was fascinating. Cutting all the length story and finally towards the end of the road you can find a Malaysian Restaurant called MAKAN. The three of us went in there and grabbed some Malaysia Kuih. It makes me feel like I am at home again.

It was about 1130 and we decided to get going to China Town and meet Hui Xing’s Friends in Imperial China Restaurant. It was my first time eating proper Dim Sum in London or to be exact in the UK. We are considered to be the bunch of crazy people – Order Dim Sum without considering the size of our tummy. But we manage to finish all of them :D Well Done!!

This total cost is as shown in the picture equivalent to GBP 135.10 x 5.2 = RM 702.52 divided with 9 person so each of us paid GBP15. Quite expensive for a Malaysian like me cause I could get my whole week of groceries with that amount of money BUT I can’t buy the happiness of having such great Dim Sum and spending time with friends. So using deductive logic, it was worthy. I will treat myself one great meal again before I go back to Malaysia:) Or on second thought, I will keep the money to spend on the unbeatable Malaysia Food :P

imperial china - dimsum billThe Cute  Egg TartThe Dim Sum 

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

House Hunting !!

House Hunting is tiring and time consuming. If you are not fast in making decision, you will not be able to get nice and comfy house. On Monday alone, there are a few groups hunting for houses. The atmosphere was so tense – It was like a competition in the hunt for nice house.

House Hunting Expedition

It was a big relieve when we finally decided on which flat interest us. We went to Edgware Road where the main office of the landlord which name is “ The Four Season’s Property”. Settle part of the holding deposit and then we head to Tesco in Bayswater and finally went to Hyde Park to relax for a while. These are some of the pictures when we are in Hyde Park around the Round Pond.

And then … Back to the stressful preparation for the FINALS.. Wish me luck cause I need loads of them!!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Visit Liverpool (Continued)

Well well!! This is the last post for Visit Liverpool. It began at 1400hr when Wee Seng and I leave the construction site and start heading to Liverpool Cathedral – Liverpool - Viewed from top of Liverpool Cathedralone of the most amazing structure in Liverpool. We went in there to take a look in it and I bought a ticket or pass to get up to the Cathedral Top. It was astonished by the scenery of this city. That was our first touch down of the day. From there, we walked all the way to John Lennon and Me at the Cavern Clubthe Cavern Club. You must be wondering what is so interesting about the Cavern Club – a club made world famous by The Beatles. It is located along the Matthew Street, Liverpool. Due to time constraint, these were the two places we manage to visit. And the last destination was a Buffet restaurant. It was extremely cheap (cost me about GBP5.50). There are 2 type of soup, chicken in variety, pork, ‘Siu Mai’, Sushi, rice / friend rice, and many more. Overall, it was a wonderful experience to be here, Liverpool..

The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club

Just came out from the Beatles StoreThe Beatles Store
Supernice soup

Delicious Soup Itadakimas Sushi!!


Visit Liverpool – Easter Holiday

Continued from the previous post*. Volunteering was just part of our plan in Liverpool but visit this well known city was our main motive :P. We arrived at the Lime Street Train Station after 2 hours ride on VIRGIN Train. The train was fast haha. forget about the train – not the main subject of this post:P.  The first destination we visited was the Albert Dock 
Albert Dock

, a place of World Heritage with a waterfront setting. The reason why I chose this place as my starting point of my Liverpool exploration was due to what they have there in Albert Dock. Starting from the Pump House, a popular cafe, Tate Liverpool – full of arts, Merseyside Maritime Museum – there is Titanic model in it with its story, International Slavery museum – where I learned most of the slaves and where about they came from. You can find The YellowDuckMarine making its SPLASHDOWN in Salthouse Dock  which is a very unique experience in Liverpool. Of course the must see place is the legendary Rock band – THE BEATLES
. We didn’t went into The Beatles Story cause it was GBP12.95 per-entry. Not worthy since I am not a big fan of The Beatles.

Ha ha. A part from Albert Dock, we (Wee Seng and I) went to have a look at the Walker Art Gallery (free) – Here we could see human sculpture and also special artist exhibition from time to time. We also managed to get into the World Museum Liverpool around half past four in the afternoon. Unfortunately the museum was closing in 15 minutes time. So we managed to run up into the EGYPT mummies exhibition to get some pictures with the MUMMIES!! Scary HUH…  It was about 6.00pm and we checked in to International Inn. This place is quite cosy and cheap to stay. Very suitable for backpackers or cheapskate like me:P The day didn’t stop right there but after having dinner with one of  Wee Seng’s ex-classmate in one of the cheap restaurant (every place is cheap) we went to see the famous sign board – THE PENNY LANE. Ha ha. it is just right in front of her hall anyway. No big deal for her :D And that was for the first day. Interesting huh!  There’ll be another post on the last day of our visit in Liverpool.
- To be continued -

Walkers Art Gallery

The Penny Lane
Inside the World Museum Liverpool

The International Slavery Museum

Yellow SubMarine

The Beatles Story

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Volunteering in Liverpool - Liverpool Habitat For Humanities (LHFH)

The most common activities a Malaysian will do when Easter Holiday begins is TRAVEL. Of course that is going to cost a lot of money at least GBP 100 for accommodation and transportation plus all the food and souvenirs. However I got a free travel to Liverpool from the 31st March to 2nd April 2009 due to a volunteering project. It is called the Liverpool Habitat For Humanities (LHFH).

In this volunteering project, the volunteers are supposed to assist in the construction of house. What's so fun about it? It is just the experience that matter me. I always thought that building a house is as easy as what I see. But in reality it is really tough.

This is the main office of the construction site.

At first I thought this was the house that Wee Seng and I were going to help on. Sadly, we came at the wrong time. Why I say it so? Volunteer are only allowed to carry out the task for the first phase which is the ground floor. Once the 2nd phase started only professional are allowed they already started with the second floor construction, volunteer aren't allowed to go on second floor but the professional.

Instead of working on the main site, volunteers were allocated with painting task. The tools storage massive container was our target as shown below. Painting wasn't an easy task - tiring, boring, and back pain but it is the easiest task of all.
Imagine that we were allocated with a harder and more complicated task?, I just don't want to imagine it.

Some other volunteers on that day

Wee Seng with the brush

Of course volunteering wasn't the only thing we do in Liverpool. Ops spending too much time writing blogs, will continue my visit in this historical city in the next post. :P

To be continued .. .... ...

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Bristol and Bath Easter Trip

It seems that somebody complained about this blog being so outdate. Thanks for the comment. Had been busy with all the revisions :( So It's all about Easter Holiday. I travelled a couple places in the UK, sadly I did not planned well for this holiday, otherwise I will be in the Europe countries for vacation :D

On the last day of Winter term, right after my Manufacturing Technology Workshop, Shiang Jin, Wee Seng and I took a train to Bristol. It was a simple and calm town and I kind of like it since the place are not as congested as London, of course. It was a great reunion of the KMBians freaks: Google Earth - LimZhi, Budak rambut perempuan - Stuart and Shopaholic Girl - Charuni :P Ha ha sorry about those weird names :D

The journey doesn't stop just in Bristol. Our next day activity was visiting Bath city. And there was another girl which I name her SAWO, travelled all the way from her uni to Bath and go back on the same day.. POor little one, nearly couldn't get on the last bus :)

We visited the

The Royal Crescent - World Class Georgian House

This is at the garden in front of the Royal Crescent

And we visited the famous Roman Bath

The Roman Bath

Our last destination in Bath was the Fashion Museum, Char and Sawo try the corset :D

It was a great one day trip and memorable one but tiring since we walked the whole Bath city without spending a single penny on Buses.