Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Congratulation to Prince William and Kate Middleton

William and Kate Royal Wedding Kiss

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Reading exam unrelated articles :(

Few days ago, I started to read a lot of news on Bloomberg, The Star Malaysia News, BBC, and YouTube quite frequently during exam time. I wonder why? This phenomena had been happening to me since I first came to the UK and I believed that it only happened when my year exam approaching. I have the tendency to read exam-unrelated articles from the internet to keep myself motivated for revision. However, this is a bad bad habit because of my anxiety to know more about a particular issue, I will spend a lot of time researching about it when I should do more on my revision. I categorise this phenomena as wasting time.

For example, the current issue about the Apple using iPhone and iPad to track users’ location by storing a bunch of location history in a hidden file in the device. What are the implications of this issue on users in the future if retained? Apple claims that these data is used for improving user experience by having the user location tracked faster and more accurate. Well, my opinion is that the given excuses by Apple are not consistent. First Apple claimed that they didn’t realised the device is tracking and storing such massive amount of location history but they suddenly claimed that these data are for iPhone or iPad improvements in the future. This matter concerning user privacy will cost the company some legal issues if unresolved. Legal = lost of money (that is what I was told in Finance class).

Now, try to think of what can a user history do to the user if the device is being hacked and the data falls on the wrong hand. Firstly, the various locations you have visited will be identified. This indirectly predicts where you live, work, shop, eat and many other things. If you are poor, there is noting to lose, but if you are rich, you might not want to reveal your house address to the bad guys. On the other hands, this data can be positive in terms of tracking crimes around the globes. Well, not going into details on how to fight crimes. Smile with tongue out 

On another story that interest me is that Mr Trump the Billionaire who owns the “The Apprentice” demanded President Obama to prove that he possess US citizenship by pressuring Obama to release his birth certificate. Why on earth does he want to do that? Questions is what is the motive of Mr Trump’s act? Is there any hidden agenda behind Obama’s birth certificate. Well, one of the comments he gave was “I managed to do something no one dare to do”. To be honest, I was quite impressed by his courage but what is the point?

Hush hush!!! enough of reading. Back to Fracture Mechanics and Thermodynamics…

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Exam Stress: Revision Venues

As a student, when is your least favourite time? Well, I bet 99% of the student population will agree with me that it is the exam preparation. Well, not to say it is extremely stressful but managing stress is one issue, finding the right place to study is another issue. I soon realised this morning when I was using the toilet and found out that it was actually a pretty good venue to concentrate when you wanted to understand something difficult. Well instead of poo-ing, you study in it. This might sound ridiculous but let me compare the pros and cons of typical study venue students usually chose:
Venue Pros Cons
Library Quiet
Good lighting
Too many people = extra stress –> distraction
Garden or Park Good lighting and fresh air –> Good for your brain but the weather is uncertain at times. Too many hot boys OR girls walking around during Spring time –> distraction
Home (Your room) Safe time = no need to walk to the college or library You sit in front of a computer and start using Facebook or reading financial news
Home (Dining Hall) Spacious –> Some people find it helpful in revision. Distractions from housemates Smile with tongue out. If you have any..
Toilet Good lighting
No distraction
Quiet and internet free (unless you bring in an iPhone and start Facebook or Angry Bird)
- Depends on your toilet cleanliness- might be smelly
- People might want to use the toilet.
Based on the comparison made in the above table, it seems like Toilet is actually pretty strategic venue to study when you wish to concentrate. Anyway, why on earth am I comparing toilet with other venues? Sigh, Back to revision !!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Great website for student

A little knowledge to share here. I went to the MIT Open Courseware website and accidentally clicked on one of the link that led me to the URL below

Try it, you might find it useful as there are relevant topics being discussed by students around the world. Or you can just practice maths by helping the newbies :P (It is not like I am good at it :P)

-Okie Time to get back to revision-