Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Internship: End

Yesterday was my last day of internship with a consulting firm. Huh.. what a relief. I learned a lot from this internship. Nothing engineering though but I think it will came in handy in the future. Now is the time for me to start do some heavy duty shopping and packing my bag – my flight back to the UK is 2 day from now. Damn man… I want more holiday T.T.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Stupid Restaurant in Bayu Puteri Apartment, Petaling Jaya

Everything has been good today until dinner time. I was planning to go out to pack some food but it was raining. Well, I don't have a car only a motorbike. So I decided to eat at the restaurant (I wouldn't call it a restaurant - cause it is sell shitty food and charged people like mad ass) in the condominium (Bayu Puteri Apartment, Petaling Jaya) I am staying right now.  I entered the "restaurant" and it is basically quite empty (as I expected) and there are not much food around. So I asked for a plate of rice and chose a drumstick cooked with chilly and a Neslo drink (mixture of chocolate and coffee).

Expecting it to be at very low price, I was dumbfounded when he told me that it cost me RM 6.50. So I was quite shocked and asked about the price of a rice + a skinny chicken drumstick.. That guy give me a fierce look and said "rice + chicken is RM4 and the drink is RM2.50." I was like speechless man. This is ridiculous!! Really? I think this shop can just go to hell. Charging the customer with such price will only pissed the customer off (that's me). Now I understand why this restaurant is so empty. 

I think the owner of this "restaurant" doesn't have a brain in his or her head. Really man, if I were to run a restaurant, I will put some efforts into it. At least make your food better before you dare selling it. You readers might not get the idea unless I post up some pictures of this place. With the thousands of people living in this condominium, the business of this restaurant could explode like a big bang. Sigh, no point saying it to those shit head. I don't think I will be buying anything from that bloody "restaurant" again unless I have no other choice. 

-Angry and disgusted Customer-