Saturday, 10 May 2008

IB Examination 2008

It was the moment I prepare for 2 years. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Examination. I just couldn't believe time passed this quickly. After all the hectic life in the MARA College Banting, it finally at the last bit of it. I till remember the first paper was Business and Management, a subject that require a lot of reading and common sense (which was a trouble to me as I don't favour reading). This B&M required concise answer, otherwise you will ended up with a tiring hand writing aimlessly trying to explain a simple concept in it. Key words are very important to keep the examiner's understanding of what you are trying to convey in it.

The second subject was Mathematics. Thanks to the Intensive Revision Program (IRP) in my college, I had numerous exercises. It wasn't a normal individual exercise but it was implemented in a group basis in order to help the weak. For that particular month, I had no free time in the day time due to IRP, it helps the smart to realise the mistake and the weak to improve.

Follow up by Chemistry and Physics which requires good memory and also logical thinking. A lot of effort needed for these subjects because understanding took a lot of time. So, say NO to last minutes study for science subjects. Physics and Chemistry papers for 2008 IB were at its moderate level compared to all the past years IB papers I had done during IRP. One last bit of advice for science subject is get familiarised with the past years papers as most of the structures were similar.

English was fun. I enjoyed this paper and it was the most relax paper I've took for IB examination 2008. The only thing I read right before entering the examination hall was the writing format for formal and informal writing. Of course grammar could be brushed up during day to day conversations.

Last paper I had was the one that required most reading; Malay A1. Thanks to my Pn Roslindawati (my Malay A1 teacher) I really appreciate the knowledge and advices she passed down to all of us in the class. It was the most tiring paper of all because I wrote almost 6 to 8 pages for paper 1 and paper 2 on the same day. It was the happiest moment right after the invigilator inform the students,"Alright, time is up. Please stop writing." I was about to jump on the table realising the fact that my 2 years International Baccalaureate was at its end.

Reflecting myself, IB examination wasn't that tough and this program really train me well for the university life. Do appreciate the existance of teachers, people around and most importantly friends.