Thursday, 29 September 2011

Start of term

Blink blink blink and summer holiday has come to an end. I felt that this summer had been exceptionally short compared to the previous years, oh well I will be starting my final year and it also means that this is my last summer holiday.

Let me summarise what I had achieve throughout this summer. My summer holiday started the moment I finish presenting my DMT (Design, Make and Test) projects in a so called the seminar week in mid June 2011. During that time I was also participated into a teaching/mentoring program with the collaboration with an organisation named Excitecs. In short, I was posted to a local government school near New Cross Underground station for 3 weeks and got paid GDP600. Not too bad I would say. So then I flew back to Malaysia for its wonderful weather. Back for less than a week and I had to start my 10 weeks internship with a company in adhesive industry. In this 10 weeks, I met a lot of amazing people (when I mention amazing in here – they amazed me in many different ways) and learned a lot about how to deal with people from different industries, background and origins. It had been eye-opening when I was given the opportunity to join my boss in a few clients’ meetings and allows to contribute in some of the projects preparations during the course of this internship (not going to further boost my boss). Ha  ha.

So finally busy time is over. Next up was helping my sawo’s dad to set up a website – so here I learned a lot about html and css. Wanna check out the website? . But it is still incomplete as for now since I faced some difficulties in arranging the information needed. So that is my masterpiece for the past 2 weeks. Not very impressive but can be improved.

Now, 2 days before going back to the UK to start my final year term. I was thinking of doing something that Malaysia is popular with: EAT!!! FOOOOODDDD!!!!