Saturday, 15 March 2008

Class Photographic Session

I am so glad that everyone in my class for the first time being united after a year and 9 months studying under the same roof, same class and with the same teachers. I think that this time the photographic session really mean so much to us as this might be the last session for us to gather like this.. Looking at the pictures, our beloved mentor, Pn Rosmaria played a great role in breaking the ice that present in this class.

IB and E06B

I can feel that everyone is really happy gathering together like this as shown in the picture above. I guess this is what we called unite.

Looking at the picture below, my class looked like a very abnormal class. even my mentor herself is very playful. I could imagine that she is feeling young by doing that.. ha ha.

The wild... 

From this picture, what really surprised me is the teacher. I think that she is just too happy to see us (the children) and behave younger than most of us..Ha ha.. This is quite funny right.. teacher is younger than students.. Plus all the funny classmates with some of them are serious, some are childish, some are really friendly.. I love this class

Saturday, 8 March 2008


It is just about 2 months away from my first paper. It really makes me feel nervous about the coming exam. Well my point is how are the students in MARA College Banting coping with the stress of exam? The picture below shows the quite and calm environment of the my library (well we called the LRC which stands for Learning Resource Centre) at 8.30pm local time.


Picture below was taken just an hour after I arrived, it was filled with students making group discussions and revisions.
You can actually see the intense atmosphere around the library with people discussing around. Amazing, isn't it? Well it is going to be our last war in the Pre-U level, gotta give it all. From now on, I need to stop on games, movies, korean dramas but revision. GO GO GO...

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Good Experience

This was my first time to take part in any open sport competition. The Badminton Tournament Open was held in Sunway University College on the February 29th, 2008. Such event allows each participant to gauge their level amongst all that present on that day. This event was eye opening for me to place myself between the  teenage badminton players around Klang Valley. It was quite obvious that I am not good at all compared to most of them whom had coaching for quite some time. Last year when I organise one of the badminton tournament among students in my college, I managed to be the champion but that was really nothing compared this. Well, it was superb experience to have the opportunity to play against top players in this tournament.

One of the players in the Sunway Badminton Open

This tournament's main sponsor was FINNEX. The sponsorship included all the equipments such as shuttlecocks, repair services and also the prize for winners. Champion of this tournament will go home with  RM3300.00 cheque from FINNEX. I am way too far from that price. This experience let me to encourage more students from my college to at least participate in one of these competitions in the future for just experience. It will really give you some clue on where to start your improvement.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Behind the Scene: Chinese New Year Festival 2008

Behind every success or failure, there will be some reason for that. That's why things happens for a reason. The Oriental Night wasn't just a miracle but it was the success from the sum of students efforts in it. I felt really privileged to have the opportunity to be part of this wonderful experience.

In order to attract students attentions for the performance on the Oriental Night, the committees decided on using Ang Pow with invitation in it to be distributed to all the students in the class including the teachers and administrative staff.
Packing the Ang Pow with Lucky Draws
The committees that were responsible for the making of Ang Pow were Grace, Huey Ee and me. Well, there was no way that I would be able to finish the job with out the help from others. Picture above showed the assistance giving by other committees member. It was enjoyable working along with friends in organising this event.
Material for the stage background
There were other works distributed to others such as the Prop making, setting up the stage and making the costumes for the characters in the drama and many more.

Another task for me was to find create the year zodiac logo on the stage background which was a mouse using strings. I found it in the internet and of course with some modification to the design, below was my master piece :P
It was frustrating trying to finish this logo in time but it was rewarded with the audience satisfaction :)