Tuesday, 11 August 2009


There is this new movie on screen from Walt Disney production of animated G-FORCE 3D. Fantastic and cheeky screening - These bunch of genius and energetic hamsters carry out missions for the FBI in the cause of protecting the world from the evil...

-Watch the trailer on the youtube -

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

PC fair 31st July - 2nd August 2009, KLCC Convention Centre

PC fair was as awful as ever filled with human beings walking in the crowds. It took at least 2.5 hours to walk through the whole Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre without stopping by to buy some gadgets. I went on the last day which is on Sunday 2nd August. It was so crowded that I only be able to walk with the speed of 1 foot persecond or lower. Oh and guess what I discover during this PC fair, DONT GO ON THE LAST DAY if you are buying stuff like external Harddisk cause it is not going to be any cheaper and you won't get free goodies. I bought an external harddisk WESTERN DIGITAL ELEMENT 500GB (2.5") and a notebook KINGSTON 2GB RAM (800GHz) - spent a total of RM404.. Now I felt so poor :(

I met up with my old colleague from TMNET Booth. haha Most of them are still there and it reminds me of the day I work with them.. bravo.. Keep it UP buddies.

OH ya , before I forget.. this is about the parking services everyone experienced in KLCC. Which I define TERRIBLE.
From this picture, the long queue is blocking the pedestrian way. It took at least 30 minutes before you could pay for your parking ticket. Of course patient is virtue but efficiency makes everyone happy. Guess how many AutoPay Machine in there??