Monday, 20 December 2010

Lunch with housemates

Woke up in the morning (more like afternoon) of the first Christmas holiday weekend feeling very unproductive. Cooked some lunch and ate with my housemates. Presenting our lunch as shown in the picture. We are lazy people Smile with tongue out.

Lunch with housematesDSC_0038

Chinese Noodles cooked with chicken and mushroomsSo called UDON cooked in a chinese style

Top View of my lunch.DSC_0036

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snowy day.

This morning I went to Brent Cross (somewhere in London Zone-3 North) for a volunteering work. It was supposed to be a fun job in giving free services in helping the shoppers to pump up their tires. But heavy snow hit London. It DSC_0029was quite disappointing to know that it affected my lovely volunteering activity on Saturday.

At the same time, I heard that many of my friends’ outbound flights from London were cancelled due to the severe snow storm. Looks like the weather isn’t favourable for any travels on Winters holiday. I hope my trip in January will not get such misfortune. PRAY HARD!!! And yup, the pictures shown in this post is the underground station in Brent Cross. Covered with snow.


This movie was inspired by real incident happened in Pennsylvania where a runaway freight train. The real incident happened on the 15th May 2001 where an unmanned train, CSX 8888 portrayed as the AWVR777 (nicknamed Triple sevens) headed from Stanley Yards in the direction of Stanton at speed of about 71 miles per hour or equivalent to 114KM/h without an air brake. The freight train carrying about 45 cars, with only 22 loaded cars. Unfortunately, 8 of the cars contains hazardous material, molten phenol (reported for about 80 Gallon). In the movie, it was shown that the main focus of the mission to shop this train from passing Stanton. This is due to the extremely small radii curve rail track that might cause the freight to turned over and hit the fuel storage next to it.

So the most exciting part of the movie is when the train approach the curve at Stanton. It was shown in the movie that the engineer suggested to use the Dynamic Braking system using another locomotive to engage from the back of the unmanned train. Dynamic braking is a system of converting the traction motors to generators to produce voltage and current, which will then be dissipated as heat through the resistors in the braking grid.

Well for the rest of the story, watch it for yourself by the links down there.