Thursday, 13 November 2008

A walk in London

Walking in London is not a good thing to do.. Want to know why? London is a busy city packed with vehicle and people. At any moment when I walk in London, I will try not bump into anyone cause that is going to cost you to say "sorry". Despite the busy predestrian lane, the road is always meet cars tyres and the atmosphere is infected by air pollutant, which eventually went through human nose-lung-blood-brain-cell. The result of this is, definately bad:(

Enough with the bad things about London, Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone start shopping for winter including me. Of course, I don't go for shopping by just buying my desired items and go back to my hall. Walking around the shopping area gives me a good impression of how my first Christmas in London, UK would be:D -> it is happening compared to my tanah air:P These are what is going on in one of the street in London - Regent street.

Regent street

It is beautiful when it comes to Christmas:D

Mr Ice

Of course I want to be in the picture:D

Big Barbie doll:D

This is one of the random interesting video that I took outside a shop:D

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Malaysia Nottingham games

Choosing to go to Malaysia Nottingham Games is the right thing to do in my dilemma whether to go Bruges, a place with nice scenery or to go University of Nottingham for the sake of old friends. Surprisingly, I feel so happy when I meet my fellow old friends there in Nottingham. And of course the special one from Cambridge, my lovely sawo:D Frankly speaking, Malaysia Nottingham Games is an ideal place for UK students gathering which give us the fellow students a chance to melepas rindu to all the once-upon-a-time -close-friend.. And it is a place for healthy competition and a point of Malaysia friends making :D The great time I had is shown in my picture:D

This is my volleyball team, which only practice for 3 times since the court rental is so damn expensive:P I love this team, improvement shown from match to match:D Bravo!!!

Healthy competition. Mummy versus Daughter:D and at last the daughter lost to mummy.. Looks like Daughter need to practice more than mummy:D Maybe papa here can help:P

Raja, sawo and I together under a tree just because the leaves is turning into yellow. I am really happy to see her coming to Nottingham although she is busy:D

This is when the sad part comes:( when someone is leaving.... I need to learn how to be grateful enough and not to complain:D

This is really what people always do when it comes to the end of any activities, they just want to leave some memories to their friends by taking a 'decent' picture.

That is all about Nottingham:D i hope that time does not passes so fast when I am there but I am just a human being whom studying in London and only have the power to think but not change things as desired.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

London Eye

Last week, I went to London Eye for my 'drawing and design class'. However it turn out to be a vacation to me and to all of my course mates.. I took some of the important picture with will aid me in my sketches and enjoy the ride on London Eye. Here are some of the picture that I would like to share with you people on this cyberspace about my trip on this giant wheel.

This is the London Eye... It looked the same as Malaysia Eye :D

Me and the London Eye behind me. That black coloured book is my Mechanical Engineering Drawing and Design sketch book.

These people are queueing for the ride of London Eye.. Tremendous number of human being packed in this area just for the sake of that giant wheel. The queue is surprisingly long and I waited for 30 minutes before my turn..

So this is the ticket for the London Eye ride.. £13.95 x 6 = RM83.70. (wow)

Me and Faiz posing in this fully packed with 'Manusia' capsule:D I am not amazed by the scenery to be frank. What i am fond with is the ride of the wheel and how the wheel move and also the engineering support provided to this very stable London Eye.

The Palace of Westminster and you can see popular "Big Ben" (a giant clock at the right). This picture is taken from the London Eye capsult.

Me again right before I head back to my college.