Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Schedule of the week!!!

Starting tomorrow until this Friday, my schedule will be the most pack. This is the schedule for Imperial Malaysia Night Performance preparations I received throught email by the committee

My Fellow Malaysians,

It is with my privilege to inform you of the schedule for our rehearsals this coming week.

Monday : Nothing planned so chill out

Tuesday : 12 to 2pm rehearsals in the Great Hall for everyone
8.30 to 11pm Full Technical Run for everyone (it could possibly start at 6.30pm, just look out for our emails)

Wednesday : 1.30 to 6pm rehearsals for everyone in the UCH

Thursday : 12 to 6pm acting and dancing rehearsals in the Great Hall
8.30 to 11.00pm Full Technical Run

Friday : 12 to 3pm Full Run in Great Hall
3 to 4.30pm Everyone leaves for home and showers
4.30pm Everyone is back in Great Hall (dinner will be provided)
7.30pm Showtime

Saturday : To be announced

I hope every thing will turn out fine:D wish me luck!!

Friday, 13 February 2009


It had been 6 years since then.
I miss you!!

Imperial College Malaysia Performance Night Practice!!

After about 2 months of practice, at last it came to the last two weeks before the Imperial College Malaysia night 2009. These 2 weeks is going to be the most hectic out of all since classes and lectures plus all the tutorials and lab practical is still on as scheduled. I have to finish most of the work before the ultimate night itself. This really stressed me a little. I hope I can cope with these coming BIG pressure. Yosh!! I can do it:D GO GO GO !!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Root Canaling? Don't be scared of it!!

Recently I have bad tooth causing pain to my mouth which required me to undergo 'root canalling'. Knowing the fact that I need to undergo this operation on my mouth, the first thing I did was to search for root canalling video on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cs0RIh3hPAM). That video really did ease up a little of my worries on this operation. Initially, I thought it will be a complicated process but it turn out simple. I went to the NHS Imperial Dental Centre located right under Tizard Hall for a check up followed up by the operation.

Apparently root canalling is not as scary as it sounds. It only took me 2 appointments to complete the whole process. The first appointment was to disinfect the teeth from bacteria and a week after, the second appointment was to clean and do filling. Of course all the cleaning should takes quite a while before sealing the tooth. Root canalling is not something scary but necessary when bacteria infect the inner bit of the tooth. So do not fear of root canalling.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


At last after 3 months borrowing phone from my hallmate, I've finally get a new phone with is unlocked to any network. This new phone is Sony Ericsson T250i, cost me about 15pound (postage included) from Ebay.
My new phone specially bought for LycaMobile

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowing in Imperial College London, South Kensington

Last night it started to snow until today perhaps won't stop before tomorrow. I went to hyde park with Wee Seng and snapped a few picture showing how enthusiast we were playing snow. It was my first time playing snow. Surprisingly the snow isso soft that I love sleeping on it. The next thing I got to know was all classes for the day was cancelled - informed by Patrick Leever throught Imperial email. Hoo-Ray!!!
Lovely snowman

making snow ballsTired and cold