Thursday, 29 January 2009

3rd day of Chinese New Year

I was supposed to be at the Chinese New Year dinner in a restaurant together with the other Malaysian Chinese. Unfortunately, I totally forgot about the ticket which was sold on the first day of Chinese New Year. Since Wee Seng did not manage to get the ticket, we decided to cook together. Below are the dishes we cooked. Simple but happy dinner!!
Sausage roll surrounded by Chicken bar

Sweet and sour fish with egg topping

This is how 3rd day of Chinese New Year in Imperial College London went. It was really fun to spend some time cooking together for Chinese New Year.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!! Imperial Malaysian had a great Chinese New year dinner over in Willis Jackson Hall. It was a potluck dinner with all sort of food. The best thing was not the food but the gathering. Thanks guys!!

Every one is fighting for the Yee Sang"

Our liquor Manager, Yi Jet and his clients

This dish is Sweet n' sour chicken. cooked by Faiz Pauzi, Ah Seng and I

Everyone gather in this wonderful common room

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Creative feedback method

Everyday I go for lectures and listen to what the lecturer teach and some times things got really bored, hence it stimulate my eye to be slightly more heavy than ever = sleepy. So one of the lectures that I enjoyed most is the so-called-hardest subject in the course, Fluid mechanics. In order to makes the lecture more interactive, our innovative lecturer, Prof. A. Kempf introduce us with a simple tool shown below....

This is the Fluid Mechanics Course Notes. It present with a red and a green cover sheet. It is not for decoration but as a tool for student to communicate with the lecturer... I wonder how at first. The following picture will show how this book works.

This picture was taken when the lecturer asked the students, "Does Bernoulli's Equations apply in this point?"

Students will vote using the book, where green represent "agree" and red the opposite. In this case most of the students agreed on it. Cool isn't it...

China Town Few Days Before Chinese New Year

It had been a year since I last celebrated this annual event, Chinese New Year. Every year I will go back to my hometown, Sungkai (I doubt anyone know this place but, ya this is a nice and peaceful small town) located in between Bidor and Tanjung Malim. Preparation for Chinese New Year is the most enjoyable moment I had back then, Especially when I go shop for my new clothes and stuff :D That really makes me misses home so much now :( Here in London, despite the workload from my course, I manage to get myself a short period of time to prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year. I went to ChinaTown which is located near Leicester Square Tube Station and shop around. I was so happy when I see....
I was surprised by folks staying in this street to have such great effort to make Chinese New Year in London to be so lively. The moment I saw this place with all the TangLung hanging like everywere, I smiled astonished by it.

Of course when I travel alone, I should get some good picture with this amazing background. So what I did was, I offer my service to a couple by taking a photoshot for them and in return, they did the same:D

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Today's recipe is Fried Mushroom + Eggs. I am rookie in the kitchen who only started handling kitchen stuff after I came to London. Why? Because the ready food in London is really expensice. I usually cook for most of my meals and this is one of the common dish I usually prepare for dinner while I am busy with assignments. My source of protein.

This dish only took me about 5 to 10 minutes. Ingredient are Sainsbury Basic mushroom, Sainsbury Basic eggs, cooking oil, oyster sauce and salt. Firstly, mushrooms are fried with oyster sauce until it mixed properly. The mixture of eggs and salt is poured into the saucepan. Fry everything and that's it. A very simple dish for dinner... ITADAKIMAS!!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Supper at 2am

This is my lovely Sainsbury Basic: Salmon Cottage Pie:) Doing work with empty stomach will not yield much progress. So I decided a minute ago to microwave this salmon cottage pie and have it into my noisy stomach. For your information this supper cost me about 80pence which equivalent to RM4.00 :P

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Time Management

Second term of my first year in Mechanical Engineering course has just started. The first week had just passed with 3 progress tests in a week and worse was Math test fell on first day of the Spring term. Starting this term, my schedule will be totally different from the previous as from Monday to Friday except for Wednesday, classes start at 0900 or 1000 to 1700 with 2 hours break for lunch. There will be no free time for me to enjoy volunteering in this term except for Saturday and Sunday. That was the initial thought. Unfortunately, Imperial College Malaysia Night Performance 2009 is just around the corner and there are less than 2 months before then (27 and 28th FEB 2009). Therefore practices are held every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Without proper time management, I will definitely find it hard to cope with everything in my course; lectures, tutorials and most importantly my course work. In addition to that, my dramas and movies slot of the week will also be cut down by about 50%.

Life in university can be as easy as ABC or harder than anything you experienced before. My observations show different courses have different degree of toughness. For example, most of the engineering student or general applied sciences students in Imperial College are quite occupied with workload almost all the time. Contrary, pure science students are generally have the most free time. This made me wonder, why I choose to take Mechanical Engineering in the first place? Why?

Monday, 5 January 2009

A short Visit to Manchester

In my first year of undergraduate, I went to visit some places out of London. One of them were Manchester. I visited my fake daughter along with my other friends. The journey from London to Manchester took about 4 hours by MegaBus (very cheap if book early). Of course we were not familiar with the place, so we went to my fake daughter's accommodation for the night. Her accommodation or what we usually call the hall, is different from mine. That shows the difference between universities around the UK. 

After taking a long journey all the way from London, we decided to get something to eat. We went to this fast food restaurant, Gemini. To my surprise the food there is really cheap and large in portion. Now I understand the difference between the cost of living in London compared to other places.

Cheap foods

Next stop, the Manchester museum. Like any other museum, they show historical objects which looks like they have significant value that has shaped the present and maybe the future. 

Posing with excitement in front of the

The next destination was the must-visit-place, Manchester United Football Stadium. The tour cost around GBP 8.00 and took about 1 hour. In this tour, I was part of the big group and there was one conductor who will be bringing us touring the whole stadium. It was an amazing tour as I could enter many spots in the stadium where the players usually gather before an after the match. Below are some of the pictures taken during and after the tour in the stadium.

I am sitting on the bench where Ronaldo always sit in the changing room

This is the place where interview by the reporter are done and broadcasted through television

A few of Malaysia in the tour

Welcome of Old Trafford

Sunday, 4 January 2009

First few days of winter holiday with Ezman

This was my first winter holiday in the UK. My first few days of the holiday was accompanied by Ezman who studied in University of Manchester staying over at my hall for about 4 days and 3 nights. It was a great warm up of the holiday when I brought him around London and only to the shopping hot spots like Oxford Street, Regent Street and Westfield Shopping Mall. Walking more than 10 KM perday makes me more fit than before:D

that is me and the tallest man in the world

They looked a like arent they

Ezman with his shopping bags

He love Hamleys toys

He looked like one of the snowman