Thursday, 4 September 2008

If Only

Ladies and gentlemen, did you ever think that human are sometime too demanding? Human expect everything to be in perfect condition. And if there is any false or defect, human will start with their complaints. From my point of view, as a human I found myself complaining at every minute and every seconds. If only everything in this world is perfect to me, I won't complain.

Queuing for entry to bike parking in KLCC this morning

This picture shows my impatience towards waiting for my turn when I am rushing. Why must this happen to me? That is what I complained to myself. As a result of this luckless moment, I become the 58th person to send the UK visa application form. Other applicants came at 7a.m. but I woke up at 7a.m. Who to blame? ME!!

Another quetch of myself is when I passed by ZARA in KLCC, I am quite envy that I don't have the size to wear those beautiful and comfortable apparel. I always ask myself, can't I just appreciate what I am having now then complaining for what I am lacking of. Below is the picture I took when I passes by ZARA.

I wish

If only I am at this model's size and height, I will be able to wear this kind of clothing:( This complaint won't change the fact that the way I am now. Like it or not, human must try to accept their own strengths and weaknesses. Wish is just hope, hope has no guarantee.