Thursday, 22 October 2009

What a dissapointment :(

Same thing happened today, I checked my DHL online tracking service and found this.. “Awaiting further delivery instructs”. I was so pissed - I called DHL right away asking what the hell is wrong with them. This was the 5th or 6th times I called to rearrange my redelivery and that’s not all about it, worst was I skipped few days of lectures by putting my faith in the efficiency of the inefficient DHL.. So much of  DISSAPOINTMENT on their so called GOOD reputation. When I spoke to the operator to confirm my parcel delivery status, I was so furious when they told my parcel were still on hold at this slowpoke service centre. Without rearranging another delivery which I believe will end up waiting forever, I decided to take a tube and collect the parcel by myself. Took an underground to Vauxhall Station and get to DHL. Worse, I forgot that it was a very heavy and large parcel – it contain my lovely mountain bike.. Want it or not, I carried the whole box weighed 20kgs all by my bare hand without any assistance from DHL.. Inconsiderate!!!!

The story did not stop here, when I opened the parcel, I realise there were broken items in there. So what now.. !! Why were those people who handled my parcel being so irresponsible… Or they post strike in a different way, breaking the item in my parcel = satisfaction.. Now I have to spend extra penny to send this broken items back to the shop and claim for a refund or replacements. Troublesome!!!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


This is the story about the efficiency of DHL. Good impression being made in advertisement from the TV or Internet about the best delivery or courier services, DHL. My arse’s better. I’ve been waiting for my parcel for a week and it doesn’t come to me as yet. This takes longer than Royal Mail even though they have post Strike.. Don’t tell me that DHL has post-strike too.. I am now very unsatisfied with the service provided by DHL.. My advice is please meet the high expectation from the customer, who spend so much money not for nothing…

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A month of NOMAD

It has been a month since I came back from my summer holiday. Since I touch down at the airport, I had been staying in a few places as a Nomad - a member of a people who have no permanent home but move about according to the seasons, by webword. First, I stayed in the Malaysia Hall somewhere near Bayswater. Next, I shifted to my college senior's accommodation at the University of Queen Mary. I have to say, students here are quite fortunate to have the student accommodation for the the whole undergraduate period. I enjoyed the high class hospitality from my senior ( really appreciate what she did for me). During my say at that place, I met up with another two of my seniors from the college and high school respectively - before heading for our Germany-Switzerland trip. It was a good reunion after not meeting them for such a long time. Right after my trip, I signed up for the Railway Volunteering project which took place in Wales. It was fun having to spend some of my time to contribute to the society. Came back to London and I had to stay with another of my friend before my term starts and head back to my accommodation in the south west of London at the Cromwell road. What a journey I had for September. Glad to be back...

Saturday, 3 October 2009


A couple of weeks ago I went for a vacation in Germany and Switzerland with Yi Lin and Yin Ling (both were my senior). We took Ryanair from London Stansted departed at 1350hr and touched down at Friedrichshafen Airport around 1620hr local time. The journey took about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The airport was surprisingly small reminded me when I was in Lahad Datu, Sabah. Right before our flight landed, a clear and astonishing view of the lake could be seen from the tiny window in Ryanair airplane. Shape of the lake is exactly the same as shown in Google Earth. Arriving at Friedrichshafen we took a bus (Group ticket 7.90Euro) to Stetten - a small town where the hotel where we were staying located.

Upon arrival we searched for Gasthof Rebstock (Haupstrasse 15, 88719 Stetten) and checked in our luggage. It was surprisingly comfortable in there with reasonably priced, 25 Euro per person per night + Buffet Breakfast = VERY CHEAP (Big thanks to Yi Lin and Yin Ling for their research on hotels). Plus, it has a very romantic room setting - suitable for those who plan to have their honeymoon :) Shown in the picture is the room for me alone :D
My room

We took dinner at the Hotel before heading off to tour around Meersburg for a night walk. I took a breaded pork with salads and chips + Apple juice.. My favourite on that night was the fresh apple juice (100% apple). It was stunningly fresh and tasty - how could I tell it's fresh or not - just fresh..

Apple juice

Meersburg is a very small castle-like-town with romantic and soothing surrounding. It's an ideal place for a relaxing walk. We walked all the way down from the upper part of the town across the steep walkway to the lower part - waterfront. It was reposeful to walk along the steep walk way. Pubs were occupied by most of the visitors and locals who enjoy wine and beers very much - I only enjoy wine :P. It was great experience except for they could hardly understand and speak English. Night walks over and we got back to the hotel - shower and sleep..

We decided to wake up early in the next morning - around 6 and go for a jog then breakfast. Yin Ling managed to jog around Stetten but I just can't wake up that early - so I slept longer ignoring the jogging plan in the morning. We took a bus to the harbour and then boarded a ferry across the lake to Konstanz. The 2 ways ferry ticket from Meersburg to Konstanz cost us about 3.50euro per person. As we arrived at Konstanz - hurried to the Information Centre Office and get the brain updated with some interesting sightseeing places. We took Bus No. 1 and requested for a FAMILY ticket (6.70 euro). I became the Old Daddy with two little daughter. Konstanz, as compared to Meersburg is more attractive but it's a bit busy with cars and people flooding the streets. We went to the Market Street - a lot of coffee shop, Fish Market - don't really see any fish and the Imperia - a Lady statue in front of the council building. Lunch were at a Seafood restaurant next near the Market street - got myself 2 raw herring (nasty but great) and some fried potatoes and a smoked Mackerel (delicious).

Raw herring with potatoes and salad

After Konstanz, we took a ferry back to Meersburg and walked a round the castle town. Sunset was absolutely wonderful with the sun reflection on the lake. We had our dinner at one of the Restaurant near the waterfront. I had some fish + Salad + Potatoes accompanied by a glass of red wine.
Meersburg town

My dinner at Meersburg

That's a day of travelling around Lake Constance. Next up will be Luzern...