Sunday, 30 October 2011

A beautiful day in the town of Eel

Last week was beautiful. Sawo and I explored the Ely in Cambridgeshire UK. We had been planning for about 2 years before we finally managed to execute the plan. We took a train to Ely from Cambridge; 15 minutes journey through the national rail network (check it out in which cost us about GBP 4 for a ‘day return’ ticket.

During the journey I took a picture of the tranquil scene of a beautiful blue sky and a dark landscape with my iPhone 3GS camera.

Journey to Ely

So we arrived in Ely and started to explore the town. At first I was thinking of taking a bus and get to the town centre (where the cathedral and the house of Oliver Cromwell located) but I came to think that having a slow walk there would be more rewarding.

I managed to do some research on the locations to be visited. First off, the Peacock Tearoom; we had some fantastic breakfast with the complement of a wide selection of tea. I started with the Sherlock Holmes (Earl Grey with Lapsang Souchong; our own mix: its elementary & good) and my Sawo start off with the Pleine Lune (Our favourite French tea; almonds, vanilla, honey etc; OTT & wonderful.).

 Sherlock Holmes

After a great great morning breakfast, we head off towards the town centre directions. Stopped by an antique shop and a Saturday market I believe – near the Ely Cathedral and finally we arrived at the Apple Market of the year. This market is located very new to the cathedral. We were very lucky to have such unique chance to be part of the event.

Ely Apple market

Basically, the Apple Market will have some fun special events such as children apple and spoon race, longest apple peel and the apple shy. There will have food stalls selling sausage-like-burger served with apple sauce, story telling to the children of a story from long long time ago. I was amazed by the participant of the Apple Market and hope for it to go on for years to come.

We went to the Oliver Cromwell Museum (located not too far of the Apple Market).


Still full of energy, we decided to walk along the riverside, we managed to find a spot for fishing and also very calm for the both of us to rest our legs while enjoying the quietness of the river. We sat for at the river bank for a while before heading to get our second round of tea but this time with different type of tea.

IMG_1719 My sawo chose the Marco Polo which she so fell in love with while I tried the Chocolate Imperial. Both were great but one thing about the Chocolate Imperial is that it is not very suitable to be taken with a sweet chocolate brownie. Cause then it can’t be appreciated as much as how it should be.

By the end of the day, due to our satisfaction on the tea from this shop, The Peacock Tearoom, we bought some of the tea for ourselves. So, Sawo chosen the Marco Polo (which cost quite a bit because it is rare) while I chose Sherlock Holmes. The day just passed by so swiftly that the day starts to get darker and darker. This trip has been very fun and I wish to visit another place in the land of England in the near future.