Tuesday, 12 August 2008

You raise me up

You raise me up!! It is a song sang by Josh Groban. What a wonderful song. This song was presented by MARA College Banting Choir team in my graduation day recently in Putra Jaya International Convention Centre (PICC). It is a simple song but has a very deep meaning in my heart. The instants I listened to it, I was hoping for the impossible to occur. That demanding hope is just to have a desperate glance at the one who brought me into this world; to let her see my success; to let her be proud of her product. It was nothing more than just hopes and dreams, reality will never show no matter how despairing I am. Life goes on, with no turning back. Perhaps by creating a time-machine can really change the history. To the one I miss the most, shall you be in peace. I love you.