Saturday, 21 April 2012

New Obsessions

During the time approaching exam, I tend to have obsession on certain activities. An example from last year was “reading Bloomberg every day during meal time and before I sleep”. For my final year (which is this year) my obsession changed and expanded to a few activities. First is playing HON, also known as Heroes Of Newerth. This is a game similar to DoTA but I found it very interesting, mainly due to the new hero concepts that differentiate this game from DoTA. I tend of make excuses to myself that I am allowed to play 1 or 2 games every time I finish 3 chapters of revision. But to my surprise my obsession to this game has no limit. I always end up wasting 4 to 6 hours playing the game. I am going to delete the game for the time being and resume after exam -  that’s if i am still interested to play HON.

My second obsession is playing basketball. Early in this academic year,I started joining the Malaysia Society Basketball sessions. I realised that I knew nothing about basketball apart from throwing the ball into the basket. So I start to research on the fundamental on how to shoot the ball in a consistent manner, drills for ball handling, offence and defence strategies and learning some of the wonderful signature moves from popular basketball players such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. I have a lot more to learn but that will take time.

Alright enough of confessing my obsessions. It’s time for me to get serious on revision.. BACK to REVISION!!!!!