Monday, 23 August 2010

Bad Day

Today is a bad bad day. During day time, I did something wrong and get scolded by my supervisor due to some mistakes I  did. I was asked to do a knowledge transfer to one of the client at the project site by giving verbal presentation and send the relevant file to the person via email. In the process of sending the file, I had to ensure two main persons in the CC list. Guess who, one of them must be my supervisor and another is the person's supervisor. So that's about the first part of my bad day.

The second part of the bad day begins right after I packed my chicken rice. I nearly got knocked by a car trying to come out from a parking lot when there were ants lot of cars moving right behind the car - of course that included my poor motorbike. I would blame the stupid driver instead of the car. The butt of the car just zoom out, nearly knocked me down. I was lucky enough to speed up in  time to avoid the car ass. It was bad adrenaline rush. Really lucky in an unlucky day.

That's it. Bad day. Wonder why? A HA... Today is the Ghost Festival eve. May be that had something to do with all these unlucky events of the day.

God Bless Me!!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

High School Friends reunion 2010

Just yesterday, I met up and had dinner with some of my old friends at Full House, in Sunway Giza Damansara. Interesting place but food were bad and small portion. Had some food and chit chat about the past. It was a small reunion cause there were some people missing due to unavailability. One of them went back to the UK early and one of the had family dinner at home. But it was still quite happening :P. The fun part started after the dinner. We went to the floor above in Full House and tried some very old school clothing for pictures.  Ha Ha after all these years we were still able to pose like when we were in MRSM. Anyway, that's about the posing part. Next thing was we went to some cafe called the M.BUJI. This restaurant is named after the Mount Buji in Africa. Why? I dunno why but foods sold  inside this shop is not nice either. Maybe Africa food is not suitable for my malaysia taste :P. We chatted for like a few hours in the cafe. Apparently, we realised there were a bunch of ladies at their 30's chatting and laughing at high pitch. Ha ha, so Val was like suggesting to laugh louder than them. A lot of reminiscing and also future baby jokes (MAKAN and MAKAN).. Really enjoyed it. I wonder when will the be next meeting in the future. Next year or I don't know.. OR may be after everyone had families and bring some children for some kind of showcase :P. Hope the days will come again. Well that's about yesterday and now moving forward, I need to clean my room and get something washed up and do some work. Am not looking forward for tomorrow :( Don't really like working life.. 5 weeks to go.. Come on I can do this.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

My future in Career?

I am currently a Mechanical Engineering student in Imperial College London. It sometimes makes me think back why I choose Mechanical Engineer as my future career. Why? This is one question that I could not answer till now. There are many possibilities, for example, I follow my brother's footstep or friends' influences or I just take a course that I thought it's cool. Well, I really thought Engineers are cool. Now that I am a second year student, which means 2 more years to go be become a fresh graduated engineer. Problem is, what is my future in engineering working world.

The one thing I am very curious about is, do I get to choose what job I want ? Well that's depends :P. I need to impress many people which I don't at the moment. And will I apply whatever shit that I learned in this course in my future? Many students from engineering background diverted into banking or any other career but not engineering. I found that's pretty sad. Why do I say so? They could just take banking course or Finance course or any Business related courses for that banking job. Why suffer 4 years of engineering and don't use it?

In the UK, engineering firms develop something big. So I thought that would be the case in my country. BUT, I just found out that they don't really do development but maintenance, which equals boring job. Sigh, Now that I feel less motivated to continue study after thinking of the future I will have soon. Pray hard and work hard...

Till next time.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Holiday Part 2

I've just finished 3 weeks of internship with my sponsor company. I was being placed in one of the Oil Palm Mill Factory in Negeri Sembilan and introduced to the operation and management of the factory. I was exposed to three part of the operations. Firstly, quality control - I was just playing around with chemicals and nothing else. Pretty boring job I would say. Secondly, boiler control room - Terrible place to be, why? There are too many people smoking in an air conditioned room without any window. Instead of a boiler room I would rename it to "smoking room". And there is only one computer in this showing the pressure and flow rates of the boiler. In the last week, I was placed I the workshop. Here is the place I learned most of the things that’s related to my Mechanical Engineering course. Not that much though but a lot more than those previous two weeks. I was being introduced to welding procedures and also some safety aspect. I was assigned to a mechanical fitter as an assistant in pipe maintenance. So you can actually imagine me holding nut and bolt and spanner. 3 weeks long in this factory was torturous, what if 3 years? I just can't imagine that. So that's about my first internship in this summer.

My internship does not end as yet. I somehow manage to get another internship in a consultancy firm in KL. How wonderful? I don't have to be in the "jungle" but a city of everything ( at least in Malaysia, KL is everything:P). This internship has no relation to my current study but I think I've learned a lot judging from the pass 3 weeks. Not Thermodynamic or Fluid Mechanic but more like people behaviour of all position in an organisation. Having to be exposed to this kind of experience really opened up my eyes to the working world. Seen stuff like problems, politics, work stress, Lady Boss and many more. I still have around 5 to 6 weeks to go before I fly back to continue my boring course. 

Oh this holiday has been just about working and working and working. Haven't been spending much time with family members :( I miss my granny and grandpa and aunty and uncles and oh oh my cousin is getting married this coming September. So that's quite an even for me. So that’s all for today.