Monday, 25 February 2008

The Oriental Night 2008

The Chinese New Year Festival was followed by the cultural night called the ORIENTAL NIGHT which was held in the college Great Hall. The traditional performances from the students were impressive. There are Chinese Cultural dances, Chinese Musics, and also a short drama on Chinese New Year. The drama was about the God of Prosperity (Chai Sen) telling story to the God of Bad Luck (Soi Sen) about Nian (Monster) and the Chinese Zodiac.

The Chinese traditional song Performer

The Chinese Traditional music performance was by two female students in this college, Lorinda and Sharon. It was impressive and eye opening to the audience (mainly students and teachers) on that night.  The entertainment was followed up with the Chinese traditional dances by 4 female Chinese students.

The Chinese Dances team
Then, the solo dance by the first year student as shown below.

Solo Chinese traditional dances

Not to be missed the performance that I took part which was the short drama. Well as you can see from the picture below, I was acting as one of the Chinese zodiac.

Story continues with the revelation of Nian, the Monster bullying the villagers on new year. One of the way to defeat Nian was by using the fire crackers to scare him away. It works :P and that was why on Chinese New Year, the Chinese will play fire cracker.

The "Nian" is bullying one of the villagers

All the Chinese Zodiac Animals

These were the cute and adorable Chinese Zodiacs that performed on the Oriental Night.The Chinese New Year could not have been so successful without the help and support of all the committees, actors, dancers, and also external assistance from the college and MCA. Thanks to all.

Sunday, 24 February 2008


For the first time ever, Chinese Lion Dance was performed in MARA College Banting, Malaysia on the January 18, 2008 in conjunction with the Chinese New Year Celebration. This event was split into two days. The first day included the Lion Dance Performance and the 'Yee Sang' event. A Chinese cultural performance , The Oriental Night 2008 was held in the college student hall on the second day. This event was initiated by one of my Medic friend in order to introduce Chinese culture to the students in this college. It was a successful event thanks to the many students whom took part in it. The tentative of the day started with the Lion Dance (sponsored by MCA) followed by the 'Yee Sang' which was prepared by the event committees for the teachers to experience the atmosphere of the first day of Chinese New Year.

The Lion Dance held in Concourse

This was the first time lion dance being held and performed in the college and the student participation in watching was extremely positive.

The Lion Dance team and all the committee

Half way in the making of Yee Sang

Preparing the Yee Sang

Lau Yee Sang with all the teachers in MCB

Many thanks to all that took part in this memorable event and a special thanks to MCA for their sponsorship.