Friday, 28 December 2012

Newton 3rd Law in Life

Have you ever heard of the Newton 3rd Law from your Physics teachers. Well, that theory doesn't just apply to physics or science alone, but it does happen in real life. Just today I went to the bank to collect my card and unfortunately, the name printed on the card was a little off from the exact spelling I wrote in the application form. So I went to the person in charge and ask with a nice and warm smile ( at least that is the impression I thought I gave that lady) and asked for a replacement. She apologise and told me that the replacement will be placed under the "Urgent" status due to their mistakes.

This might sounded as an ordinary scenario but if I had reacted differently to the misspelled card, that lady might not be so nice to me and place my replacement order under low priority status. So, the moral of the story is, be nice to people if you want them to be good to you. This is like the physics law where applied force equals to the reaction force.

[I think this post is crappy, just felt like writing something due to extreme boredom] 

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